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Based in the heart of Perth’s industrial hub, our team is attuned to the ever-evolving drinking water requirements of this expansive region. The water pumps we feature, encapsulate the latest in pumping technology and innovation. Each water pump is a testament to efficiency, durability, and performance.

What sets our pumps apart? It’s the perfect balance of functionality and durability. Whether you need to combat the harsh conditions often associated with rural mine sites, or simply require water filtration for your Perth worksite, our water pumps promise unwavering reliability. They’re designed to handle the challenges of Western Australia’s unique conditions, ensuring you receive optimal water pressure and flow consistency throughout the year. Our selection of constant pressure pumps are carefully chosen to maintain the quality of the water, ensuring that it is safe for human consumption.

By collaborating with Aquapax, you’re not just opting for a pump—you’re investing in quality and trust. We understand that water is the lifeline of every establishment, and with our water pumps, we aim to make that lifeline robust and dependable. Dive into our world of plumbing parts, and experience a blend of technology, expertise, and unmatched customer service.


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1000L water pods

The Ecosystem

Aquapax offers a wide array of water pod ecosystems to suit your needs: whether that’s a simple two water pod set up and a cooler to a large scale modified container. We align our system categories to create a custom Aquapax water pod ecosystem that delivers a highly dependable and sustainable solution.

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Tradesales Solutions containerised solutions

Hydration & pumping stations

The Hydration Station has air-conditioning, pure water, refrigeration, and a water dispenser. The Multi-Pod Pumping Station is in a 40-inch container with racks, pressure pumps, and piping.

Water Coolers

Water Coolers

We offer water coolers that can be purchased or hired to dispense the water pod water. We offer two options: a rehydration station with an inbuilt pump and coolers that are supplied water via a pump connected to the water pod.



Aquapax offers a selection of food-grade constant pressure pumps that are carefully chosen to maintain the quality of the water, ensuring that it is safe for human consumption.



Aquapax offers food-grade drinking water hoses that are available in various lengths and diameters to meet different customer needs. The hoses comply with Australian standards and are easy to install.



Aquapax offers a range of high-quality fittings made from both stainless steel and HDPE to complement our 1000L water pods. Whether you're looking for stainless steel or HDPE fittings, Aquapax has the right components to ensure that your water is of the highest quality.

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Aquapax Rehydration Station

Water Hoses

Our extensive range of plumbing parts also include premium water hoses and food-grade hoses, each selected to thrive in the challenging environments of Australian worksites. For worksite and minesite applications, our water hoses are more than utilities; they’re indispensable allies. Built to resist kinks, endure the West Australian climate, and maintain a steady water flow, they ensure worksite activities run smoothly and efficiently. Our easy to install water hoses are available in various lengths and diameters to meet different customer needs.

For professionals who value health and safety, our food-grade hoses are paramount. Our food grade hoses promise an uncontaminated water transfer, pivotal for preserving the integrity of consumables. Commonly paired with our 1000L Water Pods, our water hoses ensure every drop of water remains pristine, meeting the stringent health standards that such worksites demand. We ensure each hose aligns with the highest Australian standards. Our meticulous selection criteria and consistent quality checks stand testimony to this. Explore our range of water hoses and food grade hoses today, among a variety of other plumbing products.

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