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Setting the stage for an outdoor event and suddenly find yourself without a water source? No need to panic or to resort to wasting countless plastic water bottles. As Western Australia’s leading bulk drinking water supplier, we’re here to ensure your event attendees stay hydrated with the purest Perth spring water. Whether you’re planning a festival, concert, farmers market or corporate gathering, Aquapax’s sustainable bag-in-box technology is unmatched when supplying drinking water for events.

Aquapax’s innovative hydration solutions provide drinking water for events that lasts. Our Perth spring water, enriched with essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium, is certified to remain fresh for up to 2 years, thanks to our bag-in-box packaging. From mining to events, our reputation precedes us, guaranteeing that your event water supply needs are met with uncompromising quality.

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How Can We Supply Water For Your Event?

Aquapax boasts a diverse array of hydration solutions tailored to meet the varied demands of events, big or small. Our 5L Water Casks, compact and eco-conscious, are perfect for intimate gatherings, ensuring guests have access to refreshing Perth spring water. For events requiring a larger volume, our 1000L Water Pod is an excellent solution, offering abundant hydration without compromising on quality.

For events that demand constant hydration access, our Rehydration Station stands out. This industrial-grade drinking fountain comes equipped with an inbuilt pump, designed specifically to integrate with our 1000L Water Pods. This station provides a continuous flow of cool water, making it a focal point of relief, especially in bustling events.

Those seeking an innovative solution for widespread venues can rely on our modified shipping containers. These can be adeptly transformed into extensive hydration stations or multi water pod pumping hubs. Our stations not only guarantee a dependable water source, but also act as hydration havens in the midst of eventful surroundings.

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Why Choose Aquapax for Your Event?

By opting for Aquapax’s water supply for events, you’re not only ensuring a premium drinking water solution for your attendees but also making a conscious choice to reduce plastic consumption. Our innovative solutions, from our 5L Water Cask, which slashes waste by 80% due to it’s recyclable packaging, to our 1000L Water Pods, which exemplifies our bag-in-box technology, are designed with environmental sustainability as the driving factor. Trust in Aquapax to satisfy your event water supply needs without compromising on reliability, sustainability, or quality.

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