Premium Water Supply for Railway Operations

At Aquapax, we extend our expertise in providing premium bulk drinking water to the dynamic and challenging environment of railway construction and maintenance. Our Perth spring water, rich in essential minerals and treated to the highest Australian standards, ensures a constant supply of fresh and healthy water for your railway workforce. Alongside our large-scale solutions, we also offer 5L Water Casks, a convenient and eco-friendly option ideal for individual crews and smaller teams. Leveraging our innovative bag-in-box packaging technology, we offer 1000L water pods, capable of sustaining water quality for up to two years, making them ideal for long-term railway projects​​.

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how much water does your site need?

Use our Water Consumption Calculator to determine approximately how much drinking water your site requires.

This calculation is based on Australian Dietary Guidelines, which recommends 2.6L of water per day for the average person.

water consumption calculator

Based on Australian Dietary Guidelines, you will need approximately:

1 pod/s

Innovative Solutions for Railway Water Needs

Our commitment to sustainability and quality has made us a trusted supplier across various industries, including rail. Aquapax’s bag-in-box technology, scientifically developed for optimal protection, caters to the unique demands of railway worksites. We not only provide water in bulk but also offer 5L Water Casks, perfect for compact storage and ease of access in confined spaces like railway cabins. Alongside these, we offer a range of complementary products like water coolers, constant pressure pumps, hoses, and plumbing parts to ensure a seamless supply of chilled, refreshing water on site. For larger projects, our customisable hydration stations and multi-pod pumping stations offer practical solutions for hydration needs and rest areas​​

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Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Water Supply

Our eco-conscious approach in the design of Water Pods significantly reduces waste and the carbon footprint of your railway project. With an 80% reduction in plastic waste and a 50% cut in transport costs, our water supply solutions are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. We ensure that your railway worksite has access to safe, easy-to-use, and reliable water supply solutions without the need for on-site testing, additional infrastructure, or maintenance, aligning with your project’s efficiency and sustainability goals​​.

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