Quality Drinking Water For Your Construction Site

Welcome to Aquapax, Australia’s leading provider of comprehensive construction site water supply solutions. Our expertise focuses on delivering high-quality, mineral-rich Perth spring water, essential for construction site drinking water needs. Leveraging cutting-edge bag-in-box technology, we offer adaptable temporary water supply systems. These solutions are designed to meet the diverse requirements of construction sites, ensuring clean, reliable water access throughout your project, from foundation laying to the final construction phases.

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how much water does your site need?

Use our Water Consumption Calculator to determine approximately how much drinking water your site requires.

This calculation is based on Australian Dietary Guidelines, which recommends 2.6L of water per day for the average person.

water consumption calculator

Based on Australian Dietary Guidelines, you will need approximately:

1 pod/s
Bulk Drinking Water Solutions

Temporary Water Supply for Building Sites

Understanding the ever-changing landscape of construction projects, Aquapax specialises in flexible temporary water supply solutions. Our range includes robust 1000L water pods, ideal for large-scale construction sites, and versatile 5L water casks for more compact areas. These systems are engineered to integrate seamlessly into any construction site, providing a continuous supply of chilled, refreshing drinking water. This ensures that your workforce remains hydrated and efficient, a key factor in maintaining productivity and health on construction sites.

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Sustainable Water Pod Ecosystem for Building Sites

At Aquapax, we are committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices in providing temporary water supply for building sites. Our water pod ecosystem, designed with environmental considerations in mind, offers a bulk water solution that is both efficient and sustainable. Complementing these larger systems, our 5L Water Casks are an environmentally responsible choice for smaller water needs, reducing plastic waste significantly. Alongside this, our modified shipping containers can be transformed into hydration stations or multi-water pod pumping stations, offering a versatile and green solution. These innovative systems are particularly beneficial for remote worksites and extensive building projects, where reliable and eco-conscious water supply options are crucial for successful project completion.

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