Find out more about the hydration soultions we have provided to customers across Australia. From remote communities to shutdowns, to trains and planes – our expertise is in getting the best possible water to the hardest to reach places.


Aquapax sources pristine spring water from the Darling Scarp, treated to the highest Australian standards and packaged into unique, long-life containers that keep the water taint-free for two years. Logistics-friendly packaging options minimise waste by up to 80%, and radically reduce the workload required to provide drinking water to remote sites.

Modular and scalable bulk drinking water solutions

The 1000 litre water pod for remote sites

  • Pristine spring water, micro-filtered to the highest quality certified.
  • Taint-free water for two years plus, with no onsite testing needed.
  • Logistics friendly, remote-site ready with no infrastructure requirements.
  • Eco-conscious design cuts waste by 80% and transport by half.
  • Scalable, modular solutions supported by a strong supply chain.


Where do you get your spring water from?

Our spring water is sourced right here in W.A from a natural spring in the Darling Ranges just east of Perth. Our source is carefully monitored and tested to ensure our water meets stringent Australian standards at all times.

What can I use to dispense the water from the Water Pod?

There are three ways the product can be dispensed:

  1. Gravity Feed (straight from the pod’s outlet valve)
  2. Connect to an Aquapax Rehydration Station
  3. Connect to constant pressure water pump

Do you Hire Water Dispensing Equipment?

We sure do! Please get in touch today for equipment hire and expert advice for any project in Perth and throughout Western Australia.


All our product packaging is eco-friendly, disposable, recyclable, one-way and single use for assured hygiene.

The one-way system means your transport costs & footprint are halved.