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A quality remote worksite water supply is an essential resource for any mining operation. At Aquapax, we understand the importance of providing sustainable, high-quality drinking water to WA mine sites, and we have the expertise and experience to meet the unique needs of this industry. Our mine site drinking water is sourced from pristine, natural springs in the Darling Scarp and is treated to ensure it meets the highest standards of purity and safety. Depending on your specific requirements, we can supply potable mine site drinking water, with a range of products from our extensive waterpod ecosystem. Having worked with some of the most reputable companies in the mining industry, you can trust us to deliver the highest quality and most reliable mine site drinking water solutions for your operation.

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Sustainable mining in Northwest Australia

how much water does your mine site need?

Use our Water Consumption Calculator to determine approximately how much drinking water your mine site requires.

This calculation is based on Australian Dietary Guidelines, which recommends 2.6L of water per day for the average person.

water consumption calculator

Based on Australian Dietary Guidelines, you will need approximately:

1 pod/s
Minesite in Northwest Australia

Remote Drinking Water Supply

Aquapax is an industry recognised remote drinking water supplier for some of the biggest mining names in Australia. We understand that access to a clean and safe remote drinking water supply is essential for remote areas and job sites. That is why we specialise in delivering sustainable and reliable remote drinking water to remote areas of Western Australia. Our sustainable water dispensers and storage solutions are perfect for worksites, due to our bag-in-box technology that ensures your remote drinking water stays tasting fresh for up to 2 years.

Our commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable mine site drinking water solutions doesn’t end with our bag-in-box technology. We also offer flexible delivery options to ensure that our customers in remote areas always have access to a reliable supply of fresh, spring water. Trust Aquapax to provide the most sustainable and reliable remote drinking water solutions for your mine site operations.

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Why Aquapax?

Aquapax strives towards setting new standards in the world of mine site drinking water and remote worksite drinking water. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we understand the critical importance of providing sustainable, high-quality water solutions to the mining sector and remote worksites. Our expertise and experience uniquely positions us to meet the specific needs of these demanding environments. We pride ourselves on being the trusted partner of choice for renowned mining companies, delivering the utmost in quality and reliability. Aquapax’s dedication to providing a sustainable and reliable remote worksite drinking water supply is second to none. Trust Aquapax to deliver unparalleled mine site drinking water and remote worksite drinking water supply solutions that empower your operations with the highest quality resources available.

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Australia's Most Trusted Water Supplier

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Remote Water Supply Locations

Aquapax is a leading remote water supplier for a wide range of locations throughout Western Australia. Serving an abundance of mining, construction and various industry clients across the state, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide a safe and sustainable remote drinking water supply to any location.


Bird's eye view of a BHP train in the Australia desert

Newman Water Supply

Aquapax works with reputable mining cliental operating in the remote area of Newman, Western Australia to provide the best worksite drinking water solutions. With clients such as BHP undertaking expansive operations at the Newman West and Newman East mine sites, Aquapax ensures that BHP’s employees have access to a safe, reliable Newman water supply.

Mt Meharry at sunset - Karijini National Park

Pilbara Water Supply

Aquapax has a number of high-profile mining clients such as Rio Tinto, FMG, Roy Hill and BHP that are operating throughout remote regions of North-West Australia, and require constant access to a Pilbara water supply. It is crucial to our clients’ operations that their workers have access to a reliable source of worksite drinking water. Aquapax is trusted by key stakeholders of the mining industry to provide a safe and sustainable Pilbara water supply.

WA Kalgoorlie Pit Tower

Goldfields Water Supply

Aquapax services multiple mining and engineering clients in Western Australia by providing a Goldfields water supply. St Barbara and Monadelphous are two examples of clients that have entrusted Aquapax in sourcing their safe and sustainable Goldfields water supply. Our Goldfields operations have led to us providing remote water delivery for projects from Kalgoorlie to Gwalia.

A ship at the docks at sundown

Port Hedland Water Supply

Aquapax provides remote drinking water for the remote area of Port Hedland. We have catered towards varying projects from clients including Monadelphous, Roy Hill and BHP that have required a safe, reliable Port Hedland water supply.

Turquoise waters nearby a remote rural worksite.

Karratha Water Supply

Aquapax has provided worksite drinking water solutions in Karratha for clients including Civeo, Mondadelphous, FMG and Blackwoods. Our history of servicing clients with Karratha based operations has cemented Aquapax as your go to for a sustainable, potable Karratha water supply.

Port Pier at Broome home of the pearling industry in Western Australia,

Broome Water Supply

Are you searching for a dependable Broome water supply for your worksite? Aquapax has a longstanding history of delivering sustainable and worksite drinking water to areas across Western Australia, making us the ideal choice for your remote water supply needs. We are confident that we can provide your remote worksite with a reliable source of potable drinking water, tailored to your specific needs.

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