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Undersink Chillers

Aquapax Undersink Chillers

Aquapax undersink water chillers are compact, efficient cooling units designed to provide consistently chilled water directly from your tap. Installed discreetly beneath your sink, these chillers tap into the water supply, ensuring your worksite has immediate access to cold, refreshing water without occupying valuable countertop space.

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We’ll solve your water needs with Australia’s freshest spring water!

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Aquapax FAQS

Wondering where our spring water is sourced, how our products work or how we can help your business with bulk spring water solutions? You’ve come to the right place. If you’ve got another burning question, give us a call or send us a message.

Where do you source your spring water?

Our Perth spring water is sourced right here in W.A from a natural spring in the Darling Ranges. Our source is carefully monitored and tested to ensure our bulk drinking water meets stringent Australian standards at all times.

What is bag-in-box technology?

Bag-in-box packaging utilises a box, bag, and fitment to transport and dispense liquid products both efficiently and without contamination.


Bag: The bag is constructed from layers of film that are sealed together and designed to protect the product quality and keep it safe inside from filling through end use.


Spout: The foundation of our all bag-in-box fitments, this plastic-framed opening is sealed into the bag when it’s made and is the entry point for filling the product into the bag. After filling, bag spouts are covered by either a simple cap, dispensing tap, or connector and fitment depending on their intended end-use.


Box: the outer package that holds the capped and filled bag. This can be anything from a simple cardboard box to an industrial-sized steel drum.
The bag is first filled with liquid product, and then a fitment is placed to secure the packaging. The bag is then placed in a box to ensure safety in transportation and dispensing.


Bag-in-box history
Bag-in-box was pioneered and patented by William R. Scholle in 1955, and it was initially used to safely transport battery acid to automotive filling stations and repair shops. While only starting off in the automotive industry, this packaging system quickly spread to other industries. After the aseptic filling process was perfected in 1956, bag-in-box was able to expand into working with food and beverage products.

Can you hire water dispensing equipment?

You sure can! Please get in touch today for equipment hire and expert advice for any project in Perth and throughout Western Australia.

What can I use to dispense from the 1000L Water pods?

There are three ways the 1000L water pods can be dispensed:


  1. Gravity Feed (straight from the pod’s outlet valve)
  2. Connect to an Aquapax Rehydration Station
  3. Connect to constant pressure water pump
Do you charge for bulk water delivery?

We charge for bulk water delivery in Perth. Delivery of Heavy Pallets ( 1000L Water Pods and Pallets of Bulk Drinking Water) to the Perth metro area is charged at a percentage of the total invoice value – this percentage varies depending on macroeconomic conditions. Small pallets delivered within the Perth metro area are charged at a flat rate (rate available at checkout or upon quotation). Bulk drinking water delivery outside the Perth metro area needs to be quoted on a case-by-case basis. For customers in remote areas (mine sites etc) with their own established transport company accounts, we recommend utilising these providers. We can either drop them off at the transport providers’ depots in Perth or, goods can be picked up from our production facility in Kewdale.

What is the lead time for Water Pod delivery?

Lead times depend on the quantity of 1000L water pods required. Please use the timeframes below as a guide.


1 – 25 Pods: 2 Working Days
25 – 50 Pods: 5 Working Days
50+ Pods: Up to 10 Working Days