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Aquapax’s intervention ensured the hydration and comfort of 800 event attendees and 500 campers. The switch to large-capacity 1000L Water Pods and supplementary 5L Water Casks addressed the issue of excessive waste, eliminating the environmental strain of disposable bottles. Our involvement went beyond sponsorship; it was a pivotal contribution to the event's success, reinforcing our commitment to mental health advocacy and environmental sustainability, supporting the broader community effort alongside the Blue Tree Project.

Problem faced by the client

The 'A Night Under the Stars' event at Buckland Estate in Toodyay, WA, faced a hydration challenge amidst 40-degree heat, to provide water solutions for 800 event attendees. Previous reliance on 600ml plastic bottles resulted in substantial waste and disposal issues. The event aimed at mental health awareness and supporting the Blue Tree Project necessitated a sustainable and effective hydration solution, with more than 500 patrons camping overnight.

Solution provided by Aquapax

Aquapax addressed the hydration challenge by deploying two Rehydration Stations strategically located at the event: one in the main gathering space, and another in the camping zone, adjacent to toilet facilities and well-lit for accessibility. Each station was equipped with a 1000L Water Pod, connected to industrial drinking fountains, providing continuous access to chilled fresh spring water. This initiative drastically reduced the reliance on small plastic bottles, aligning with the events' environmental sustainability goals. Additionally, 5L Water Casks  were specifically provided for the camping area to ensure convenient water access throughout the night, reflecting Aquapax’s commitment to both attendee welfare, and environmental responsibility.

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