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The Airline client was satisfied that “the water casks (met their) requirements” as a compact solution whilst providing a positive reduction in their plastic water bottle use because the Aquapax 5L casks optimised their space utilisation.

Problem faced by the client

An Airline Client was working on a project to reduce plastic bottles on board their aircraft and needed a solution that would fit in their serving trolley and dispense quality drinking water.


The client required the Aquapax products to:


  • Reduce plastic waste and disposal issues.
  • Fit in the aircraft serving trolley.
  • Be of compact design.

Solution provided by Aquapax

The implementation of the use of 5 Litre Aquapax Casks provided the required solution as they achieved a drastic reduction in plastic waste due to the plastic content being far lower in the bag in box versus an equivalent volume of water in plastic bottles.

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