A compact hydration solution needed for top-tier trains

Aquapax Client Case Study


A top-tier mining client required a compact drinking water solution that would fit in their train cab mini fridges. Conventional solutions did not meet the client’s needs for two reasons:

  • They did not supply suitable space-efficient drinking water containers
  • They did not allow the reduction of plastic waste.

The client required the Aquapax product to:

  • Fit in train cab mini fridge.
  • Be compact and easily transported by hand.
  • Reduce consumption of plastic water bottles.
  • Minimise transportation related to drinking water.


Aquapax developed a bespoke design, compact 5L drinking water cask. Casks are delivered to our client on a pallet where filled packaging maximises pallet space. 


Client satisfied that the implementation of the 5L Aquapax Casks met all their stipulated requirements. It provided a compact solution, easily transported by hand that fit their train cab cool and eliminated the need for plastic water bottles. A positive reduction in transportation costs achieved as more finished product can be packed onto a pallet therefore less truckloads required to transport required volumes of water compared to equivalent volume of water in plastic water bottles.