800 Personnel Shutdown for a top-tier miner with urgent drinking water needs.

Aquapax Client Case Study


A top-tier mining client had a looming shutdown with 800 personnel due to arrive on site. Unfortunately there was insufficient infrastructure to supply safe drinking water demands of that number of people.

The client required the Aquapax product to:

  • Be a safe, secure and traceable source of quality drinking water.
  • Easily transportable utilising site equipment (forklift or telehandler).
  • Minimise transportation expenditure with one-way packaging.
  • Reduce plastic water bottle use and associated waste disposal issues.


A total of 90 Aquapax 1000L Pods (90,000L Total) were dispatched over a 1.5-month period.

We provided support to safety, environmental, and infrastructure teams seeking to implement the pods in various settings around the site including:

  • Linking Pods to Crib Rooms existing plumbing
  • Linking Pods to Ice Machines
  • Linking Pods to eye wash stations


  • The pods served as the shutdown’s main potable water source to multiple camp infrastructure components.
  • Safe, secure, traceable drinking water delivered to site prior to the arrival of the 800 personnel ensuring no operational delays to the project due to inadequate hydration requirements.
  • The water pods reduced transportation costs because they only require carrying one way then they are recycled.
  • A >75% reduction in plastic use by using the 1000L Aquapax Pods as opposed to the equivalent volume in plastic water bottles which equates to reduced non-recyclable landfill and therefore a reduction in carbon footprint.